Monthly Archives: July 2012

Old blogs!!!

Could not get these up a few weks ago!! so here they are late….. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The weather turned for the better at last and we were able to get out to EUAIsland to talk wrecks with the island committee and look for the “Cannon in the Harbor!”…it was an interesting time and we were able […]

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much happening !!

Amit survived his week on the Island castaway, surving on a small hand full of crabs each day, we have been swiming with whales, surfing, catching fish that were then eaten by sharks, swiming with more than reef BIG!, involved with all the Tongan Festivities and now heading north to Hapai Group..internet has been […]

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Internet again!!! AGGH!

It is really slow..every time I try to get pics up it is impossible…sometimes wait for an hour just to upload emails…anyway back in town for a couple of days…Jane will be posting about 50 photos soon on the Gallery section of this site…check it out next week hopefully??..Amit is trying to survive with nothing […]

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