Monthly Archives: October 2012


If you are just interested in fun, skip this blog..the pics follow! Over the past six months, there have been many things that I have NOT been able to disclose here. There are still "issues" I cannot talk about, but others I now can. Some people have suggested that we are crazy talking about the […]

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Captain JANE!!

In the past two years, Jane has learnt to swim, dive, surf, fish, cook, row, run all the systems on ICE and now she can “sort of” navigate. Some crew hey! I have let here be captain for a couple of legs, including manage (for excercise)”mayday” situations!! so I am looking forward to sleeping a […]

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Well Amit wanted to get to new Zealand not Fiji so I told him to grab any boat headed that way now..instead of waiting till he got to Fiji…I puit a call out over the radio and Cascade came back straight away…they were leaving the next day..he did not ask what type of boat or […]

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