Supporting Adventure

Don McIntyre’s commitment to adventure has seen him support many other adventurers in their efforts to achieve individual dreams, by assisting with cash, equipment, advice or encouragement. For some time, Don has been concerned that the “Spirit of Adventure” may be disappearing among young Australians, who sometimes don’t even know how to dream, or lack the confidence to believe in themselves and “have a go”.

To foster the “Spirit of Adventure” among young Australians, Don is commitment to promote the ideals of adventure, by providing real assistance, advice, mentoring and encouragement to young adventurers aged 16 to 21 years. He is passionate in his belief, that “responsible risk taking”, which is the essence of “Adventure”, is a fundamental feature in developing a strong character in any individual.

Having achieved something extraordinary, they can become excellent communicators, with passion and confidence, inspiring others to push beyond the boundaries in their chosen field. Often these adventurers themselves develop into entrepreneurs, community and business leaders and become “Australian” characters, who help to define our culture.

Don will continue to seek opportunities to provide real logistics, hardware, advice, opinions and encouragement to young adventurers and hopes to meet like-minded corporate partners and individuals in various disciplines, to provide mentoring and other support too.

In the future, Don may also launch new adventures, involving young Australians, seeking their active participation. Over the years, Don McIntyre has provided a variety of support to a wide range of adventurers from Australia and around the world.

Some of this support has included:

• Dick Smith & John Wallington…Trans Australia and Trans-Tasman Balloon flight….Equipment support
• Phil Kavanagh…Trans Australia Balloon Flight…Equipment support
• Kay Cottee….Solo Circumnavigation…Equipment support
• Ian Kiernan…Solo Circumnavigation….Equipment support
• Jessie Martin…Solo Circumnavigation…Equipment support
• David Dicks…Solo Circumnavigation…Equipment support
• Mike Perham…Solo Circumnavigation..Logistics support
• John Saunders…Solo Circumnavigation..Equipment support
• David Scott Cowper.. Three solo Circumnavigations…Logistics support
• Jean Luc Van der Hede..Solo Circumnavigation…Logistics support
• Minoru Saito….Four solo circumnavigations..Logistics/equipment/ boat provision and support
• Alan Nebauer…Solo Circumnavigation..Equipment support
• Jack Christophisen…Solo Circumnavigation attempt…Equipment support.
• Harry Mitchell…Solo Circumnavigation..Equipment/logistics support
• Russel Salmon…20 ft Trans-Tasman sail..Equipment support
• Shigeo Saito…Solar boat challenge…Logistics support
• Wade Fairley…Antarctic kayak expedition…Equipment support
• Ben Tucker…Antarctic Sailing expedition…Equipment support
• Tim Edkins…Antarctic Sailing expedition..Equipment support
• Malcom Douglas..Kimberly expedition…Equipment support
• Chris Bray & Clark Carter…1000 hour Day Arctic trek…Major sponsorship support
• David Pryce…Blizzard Antarctic Expeditions..Equipment/logistics support
• Mike Perham …Youngest Solo around the world sailing and logistics
• Jessica Watson….Youngest Solo around the world record sailing record…Boat/equipment and logistics
• Tobias Fahey…Fastest Solo Australian around the world attempt..Equipment and Boat logistics.