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New crew… Amit Oren

I was born in Jerusalem, where there is no sea. I first discovered the sea was more than a beach at the age of 22 and since then just couldn’t leave, it became a passion. I love everything about the sea. In a period of 6 years I became a windsurfing and kitesurfing instructor, a […]

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Fiji “ICE”

Time flies as always… ICE has stopped in Fiji for almost 5 months…but seems I still can see Tarawa in front of my eyes…still can remember the most excited moment when we finally pulled the anchor up and sailing away from the place “trapped” us for total 3 months… Headed to Fiji was our dream […]

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New Crew?

Well I am in Hobart onboard MV ORION about to head to Antarctica for a few months! And I just gave my contacts and this web site to 17 crew applicants from Finda-crew…I only need two?? if you are one of them reading this,…all the details are on the crew section…and this web site may […]

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