2014 Volunteer crew and Employment options?

Well we have just three spots left on BLUE BASE for this season and because of some serious interest for next season, we have just opened our Volunteer positions for 2014. We already have potential applicants for Blue Base 2014 J !!. If you wanted to join Blue Base next year for nearly 10 months, all you need is $6000. That is a hell of an adventure if you have a year free and were wondering what to do with it, or just wanted to drop out with a bit of fun and serious diving on the side. You would end up diving all over Tonga. We have also put a structure in place to future employment opportunities as this project grows. For the first time we are also considering the formation of a “WHITE TEAM” of technical divers for some “Deep Work”. All the details of positions available are on the CREW section of the web site. We currently have 11 people in the 2013 team working on this project. Will you be one of the final three??? Think about that??