560 miles in 3.5 days and 120 gallons/480 litres!

This was our last night at sea!!!..We set off at 0530hrs on Sunday and dropped anchor in Lautoka, Fiji at 1750hrs on Wednesday 31st Oct., sailing with a great moon all the way at an average speed of 6.66kts, including all stops to dive on prop and fish and wait for Grant/Lochiel..etc..he waited for us too!! we likeed to sail close sometimes..FUN! . Ate too much good food ( Roast chicken, Lasagne, Stir fried Beef, Ice cream!! etc) and only light spray ondeck one day.. ..NICE!! Fiji Customs/Immigration and Quaranteene etc were all good>>>BUT!!! Vuda Marina sold our booked “hole” for ICE to come out onto the Hard for the Cyclone season..so now have a problem we are trying to sort…Jane and I fly out in a month so??? Aggh!