Well it was a quick trip to Sydney to be humbled and a little shocked at being presented with a gold medal from the Australian Geographic Society for “A Life time of Adventure” wow!! (And I am not ready to retire yet)…it was inscribed “ for a life time spent encouraging Adventure and Discovery” It was a huge gala dinner and I accepted it on behalf of Margie and me! (She has been my partner in crime for the last 30 years!)….along with all the sponsors and friends who have been a part of and dropped everything to join the circus!…amazing THANKS to you all!!

We are still in Nuku Alofa harbor doing work on the boat, talking to people about wrecks and generally hanging out. It is amazing how much oral history there is here and we are suggesting strongly that it gets written down as I feel some amazing things are being lost by time and the new modern lifestyles. The weather has been mixed, but every day has been full. Kylie and Amit went to the outer reef for a few days with grant our Kiwi friend on his boat. He has been waiting for new crew who arrive today.

I tried to bring a new surfboard back from Sydney for Kylie, but even though I pre booked and paid the extra bag with Virgin, when I arrived at check-in they would not let it fly…only one bag per person!..caused havoc for all the Tongans who carry heaps of bags…so had to ship it instead, which cost a fortune! And it will not arrive for 10 days..lucky I was not on a surfing holiday..some were and could not cancel their tickest…one guy could not get his bike on so will miss his bike holiday in Tonga!, Today we received the final piece of paperwork and business license for Tonga Blue, so hopefully soon, when everything is serviced onboard, we could head across to EUA Island. There is some political turmoil in Tonga right now as the Govt. decided weather to remove the current sitting Prime Minister, all very tricky so they are all busy right now.

ICE has a lovely garden of bright green slime under the hull right now. I guess we have been sitting here toooo long!

And the BIG BANANA was very confusing!..after so long eating “real” bananas grown naturaly in the Pacific, this Sydney MONSTER Banana in the hotel room blew me away??..they must be modified? and they did not tase as good hey!