All Fun and wind at BLUE BASE

Cleaning the anchor mud off departing Nuku Alofa…Finally hit the beach at last!!..Jian cooks baoju buns in the camp kitchen…first two tents up fast before the mozzies attach…well they already were!!!..sorting chains to set up the dingy moorings…The special desalinator tent..having some problems getting it to work and now the plumbing is OK we may not have big enough generators!! AGGH!!!..laying 40 mtrs of pipe for the desal at low water…seting up the suction end yet to fit the filter/strainer……we have a base VHF radio and 10 hand held radios….putting the antenna as High as we can for better signal..sleping tents andf HQ tent in the distance..all with water views…and ofcourse the DUNNY!!