All Systems go!!

Just spent the last two days out exploring Ha’Anao and came across some completely awesome vibrant coral, leapoard shark, reef sharks, sea snakes and very picturesque anchorages, all fun with many hours in the water, but the good news is!!!! that this morning, the Nomuka community committee and representatives from all the surrounding islands agreed that we should start work, without restrictions to locate and survey all the wreck sites in their area, as soon as we can!

We are now in Pangai waiting for Petrol to arrive on the ferry tonight, then straight back to Blue Base. Euwy , Jian and Alex have been searching the reef to the west of Blue Base as the weather has gone calm, but nothing yet except for fish and large rays! hopefully our next blogs in two weeks will deliver some interesting news…at least we will be working underwater!! Bring it on!!!

“touch wood”!!!