We have been flat out in the past week…now we are back in Pangi in Lifuka where we started…on Saturday we headed for Tofua…Sunday we managed to make the landing jumping from the zodiac onto rocks and then a 1000ft climb into the fog and mist on the mountain to the volvcano, we could not se it but could hear it then it just appeared!! stunning. Monday we were out swiming with whales and sharks, Tue we were diving amazing reefs, Wed we were out surfing 2-3 mtr waves on the long boards…I was creamed but hooked a few rides just 100 mtrs from the stern of ICE as we were in an amazing place that had never been surfed before by anyone!! and we have made some interesting “discoveries”….the fishing has been awsome…but right now I am getting eaten by Mosquitos on the slow internet connection so headed back to the boat….I have had just a few hours to catch up on all the emails..we are in port for just a few hours to resupply….and we sail again tomorrow headed north…I think Steve is VERY happy with the Photos so far!! could be a few interesting days ahead on our way to Vavau!!…if we are lucky in the next week we will get a good connection and post some pics!!…Tonga is great and I love swiming with WHALES!!!



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