Bikers RULE!!

For a week of paperwork and many trips to town, our new transport has been a real boom!!..even had time for a bit of cruising…we have been all over the place and slowly getting things done..all the crew have lodged Visa extensions, played with Internet and enjoyed a bit of Tonga flavour!!drank real coffeeeee, sat in the sun, read a book, watched a movie or two etc….We had a couple of days rain and filled our tanks and now getting washing done…Some may say not a real adventure, but what the heck!! All fun anyway…Yau is just getting used to operating the dingy shuttle at last, instead of pulling the wrong rope and we always know when he has arrived on the boat!!!..we find foot prints on deck!!!…but he is comfortable ashore for a few days in a back packers, having longed for a hot shower( all crew shower on the marina deck!! Agghhrrr!!). He has free internet and he just had to get away from that Big Brown bear on ICE….funny thing though…now Annetta and Brownie cannot find that pesky bear and are sleeping soundly!!.Hmmm ..we may go for a fun dive in a few days..Yau and Brownie went to a dinner Dance last night…but they were watching, not doing the Tongan Cultural dance and it was
spectacular!!….still have another week of “stuff” to do here before heading to Nomuka…all good on board and Tonga is great.