BLUE BASE crew & timing.

Well we just had a quick change of crew, with one couple now unable to sort employers and leases etc. so looking to reschedule for next year maybe. That allowed a new opening for Alex and I am talking to a few others now to fill the last spot of the ten person Dive team. I have had a few applicants for the “Young Explorer” sponsorships through my Tradeaboat “adventure column”, so if I get the right quality of applicants, there may be two extras. Still on the hunt for a Tongan to join the team as BLUE BASE general Hand and have set the date of July 5th/ 6th for the team to assemble in Nuku Alofa for final preps to move out to Nomuka Iki. The Team now looks like this ( Jane is working on Pictures and profiles for the web as we speak)

1.Don (me), started diving 43 years, PADI OW SCUBA Instructor and Electrical engineer. 3.Harriet, SSI OW SCUBA instructor, Journalist and Photographer. 4. Alex PADI Dive Master and Adventurer. 5.Gregory, PADI OW SCUBA instructor and Electrician. 6. Uwe, PADI & SSI OW SCUBA Instructor, Paramedic and Degree in Eco Tourism management and marketing. 7.Jian, PADI OW Scuba diver and web site builder. 8. John Advanced PADI OW Scuba diver and Chef. 9. Jane PADI OW Scuba diver and Chief mate, 10, ??? could be you??