Well the two dive compressors did not make it, so will ship next week direct to Tonga. The factory was filling an order for 50 units, all sold! we were not so important and kept getting pushed back. Same with the lifting cranes on special frames for the zodiacs. We have a unit that has a 30 mtr wire winch, so we can lift from the bottom even without lift bags, but I have quite a few bags coming from the US. There are other odd bits still to come but after five weeks, the buying and loading is all but done..they pick up tomorrow morning at 1000hrs. Wowowwow!! Pleanty of late nights!

Just spoke to Grant on “Lochiel” in Fiji and it is still HOT!!!…NOT HAPPY!!!..but it will be great to get back and catch up with Grant, such a cool guy! and see “ICE” again. So much to do when we get there and so much happening right now. Just printing 1000, 12 page full colour brocures in Tongan language, to explain to more Tongans what we are actually doing , how and why and who we are working with. Joshua, our ever hard working adviser in Nuku’ Alofa did all the translations. THANKS! You can read the basis of that here, by “clicking ” on the “Tonga Blue” button on this web site.

Looks like we are hand carrying a HUGE solar pannel and a HUGE LCD flat screen for BLUE BASE on the plane..some things would not pack.OPPS?.that should be interesting???…see you in FIJI!!