BLUE BASE!! taking shape.

Part of the Shopping list for “Blue Base” in the next few weeks!!

7 large tents, two generators, desalination plant, four stand alone solar generating systems complete, two gas fridges, satellite/phone and Bgan internet system VHF base and 4 HH radios, two field oxygen kits, two large first aid kits, Defibrillator, 8 beds, 8 tables, 8 storage modules, heaps chairs, complete field kitchen, two composting toilets, 3 solar showers, SW radio and music system, water tank, 3 X 4.7mtr zodiacs complete with safety gear, launch wheels, custom dive ladders and lifting derek, two electric dive compressors, one petrol dive compressor, 12 extra cylinders and weights, tools, chainsaw, slasher and field clearing/gardening gear. Busy time!!