Bowlines, Pizza’s,groundings,and hanging on!!

Interesting week of crew training and sorting. Bowlines and how to tie them, one handed and behind your back, is part of a tradition. So too is climbing the mast for all the crew! After a few days of practice some of us can actually tie a Bowline so things are looking up! Tuesdays are half price Pizza nights at the sunset bar here in the Marina and very popular. Just as we arrived, the power went out for a while, so two hours later our dinner arrived. While we are waiting, pleasant pre dinner conversations where had by all the crew, only Yau doing it in silence, head down on I-phone, face book, the entire time!!! Hmmm

We commissioned our tender, so it was driver training for the Kids! Throttle, Tiller, Forward, Reverse, kick up, and look out all had to be co-ordinated in one smooth motion and well…lets just say we only hit the bricks three times! and the prop survived but all on-board had fun, with more to come! Sleeping arrangements are interesting with bodies moving all around the ship. There seems to be a random big brown bear getting loose each night, roaring with synchronised simplicity, all part of the fun with close quarter living!..unfortunately, at 50ft, the boat seems too short to get away from that pesky bear!! Fortunately I live behind a sounds proof/water tight door!..Life is good..

The weather seems reasonable stable at the moment and that means consistent South East head winds at 20 plus knots all the way to Tonga, with no let up till at least the end of this week, so we are not going anywhere…we need to await a Low pressure system to move the winds north, usually happens two times in June. Anyway the delay is a good thing, as we are now waiting for our Auto pilot Hydraulic reservoir tank to be repaired and a few other little things.

Today we are fitting all our sails onto the masts and last night I informed Yau Ming that he will have to climb the mizzen mast, hang on with one hand, then tie two lines to saddles with bowlines, so now he knows why you need to do bowlines, one handed…all of a sudden he is practicing hard…he goes up in a couple hours!!!…can he do it!!