Busy Days in China!

What happened to the last few weeks..Derr?? I am travelling blind here, as all Blogs are censored in China, so I cannot see what I post?? No Face book either. Anyway, Jane and I are slowly amassing all the gear here and soon we will start customizing the new Zodiacs with specialized handling gear, before we pack them all for the last time and ship the lot to ICE. I am currently going through the crew applicants and will announce the first new team member here after the weekend. I have placed various notices out now for BLUE BASE crew, but even before they appear, I have a few impressive applicants. I just heard it has been raining solid for the past two weeks in Tonga and it is still Hot in Fiji.

Kylie from last season, has been doing an awesome job onboard the Sam Simon with Sea Shepherd in the Antarctic whale Wars!. She has been crewing onboard for the past three months, protecting the same whales we all love and swim with in Tonga! Go Kylie!!! When she gets back, she is teaming up with Kim (who was on the Kayak with her when she was bitten by the shark), to undertake an Educational traveling road show for a month in Western Australia, with a 10mtr Blow up whale shark!!..sounds like fun!!