Busy in FIJI!!

Well we averaged 170 miles a day for three days, to arrive at Vuda Marina early in the morning..it was a windy rolly fast sailing trip, with up to 35kts and 3-4 mtr seas on the beam on the last day!!..happy to be here!! Jane definitely has her sea legs!! She was not sick or even feeling off for the whole trip and was still cooking meals and standing watches!!..what a girl!! I have been stuck on the computer for the past week catching up..IT IS FAST!!! WOWOW!! So good…hope to start shutting down ICE and lift out of the water next Friday 15th into our hole…The hunt for next season crew is now on, so if you are interested, do it now!..two spots on ICE and only four spots left on BLUE BASE….I have the new “EXPLORER” Magnetometer in Australia waiting for me, so can’t wait to start playing with that…while they cost $32,000, it is three times better and looks easier to operate than the $75,000 unit we had in 2003 up in the Philippines!..next year will be interesting!!