CANNONS!….we may have one which is twice as big as the one in the main street of Tonga!

Well the internet is still a big issue and the weather has been very ordinary with most boats now spending the last month hiding from it…we are one of the last five weeks we have had about three good days but looks like it may be changing for the better…at last. The meetings continue but there are many things still developing…the big news for us is that it looks like we may have found our first cannon (without even getting wet) and if all goes well we hope to get that to the surface as our first priority…maybe withing the next is a long story for later all about Tongans “Killing ships” hundreds of years ago and we are speaking with the direct decendants of the chiefs and warriors who did those deeds…. is truely amazing!

Kylie broke her surfboard in two!! when she was dumped onto a shallow reef cutting feet and back, but survived for another day…so things were a bit gloomy for awhile. As it turns out I am being flown back to Sydney for a few days to recieve an award and will bring her a new board when I return….she bought it on the web I am at the airport right now..WITH A GOOD INTERNET connection!!.. about to fly out..all a bit sudden…ICE is in the Harbour..the crew are getting ready for some land tours while I am away and enjoying instant access to the town!..we have been anchored 1.5 miles out at a very good island since arrival.

So we are all well…the hunt continues!