Crazy internet…friday 26th..heading back to BLUE BASE!

Well we did all the veggie shopping today at the markets, topped up the petrol tanks fro outboards, sent more forms by mail back to Nuku Alofa for visa extentions..did as many emails as possible and discovered that our desalinator may been a bigger than 7KVA generator to drive it…agh!! Have some ideas on how to get it running, but this story may go in…we have the small desal on ICE as back up..been a frustrating day not made any better when I drowned my Iphone getting off the boat…the crew after their jobs went for a quick tour including to the beach where the Port Au Prince was supposedly taken by the Tongan !!!..anyway we are off at 0630 in the morning to pick up the new inflatable and should be back at Blue Base by Saturday night…more blogs in two weeks and lots more photos…run out of time now…see ya..all the best…Don Jane and Crew….