Dingy Adventure!

I found the “HOT” internet connection at “Café Escape” in Nuku Alofa, so life is looking up again…we are hiding from the wind now as it is 20-30kts with rain squalls around…Kylie and Amit flashed up the Walker dingy and we have all put it through it’s paces. Amit wanted to take off on an “adventure” in it! to an island in the distance and I said NO!!..as it is very unreliable..and I did not want to go rescue him!…That night I explained what he needed to to..”Planning, Preperation and Execution” which included a full risk assessment, then mitigation, sea trails and training, then he CAN do it!…He spent all day yesterday doing all that and now I recon he could sail the dingy to Fiji…During sea trails in 25kts wind, He said ” everything that could go wrong did!”..so he learnt a lot, the purpose of the exercise. We now have a full safety plan and he is well equipped for any contingency.

He was set to take off today at 0800hrs ,but the weather is borderline, so we left him on ICE waiting to set off,> After a wet dingy ride into town, Kylie has gone surfing and Jane and I are doing “Admin” and all the Veg, bread, fruit shopping at the markets for a few days. We hope to head out to Attata Island for some diving in the lagoon to the east …Will Amit make it back to the boat before dark????…Hummmm