Dirty BUM! and Prop!!

Glassy blue sky morning, off for a run around the island in the zodiac..WOW! so cool..and then ..silence..no outboard!..paddle back.. so all underwater cleaning instead…the oysters on the prop were the size of 50c peices! and the hull was covered in barnicles, coral and hundreds of tiny crabs. Of course I had dropped off all our Regulators in Loutoka for servicing and not back yet..so all free diving cleaning!! FUN! Amit and Kylie would do one dive for my two and we spent about five hours, scraping to hit the worst..still more to do later on scuba but at least the prop looks like one now. A tiny crab made its home in my ear and could not get him out..just pushed him in..could hear him crwaling around…Amit waited outside my ear with an ambush and then finally grabbed him! Everywhere is blue…all so cool but Kylie has given me her head cold that she got from the weekend party!…DON