“Dive Log” story, YOU FOUND WHAT!

I am now writing for Dive Log magazine in Australia. I have been reading this magazine on and off for 25 years now. It is available “free” in every dive shop around Australia and has a big following. If you would like to read the latest story in the April issue, ( or the whole magazine) open this link and go straight to page 36-37 http://www.divelog.net.au/dlonline.html !

The other interesting development is that I have just been made a resident “author” on www.scubaboard.com the world’s largest community dedicated to scuba diving. It is a “diving social network” with more than 200,000 regular divers subscribing. I have a profile there like on Face Book…it is “Dondon462”, so if you are a diver you should be there. It is an amazing place for news and information..it is HUGE!

Panic mode in China now!!! Counting the days trying to finish everything..the compressors have been delayed and one of the new RIBS is lost in the China freight system!!!