Food & Rain Pain!! Mark on his way!

So saturday it was raining and hot.we could not paint the bottom primer..(we were coming out of our cyclone hole on Monday morning and have three days to paint the bottom before we go back in the water) so went into town and bought $2000 of food, filling about 18 BIG cartons.but of course it is a Tropical rain dump when we Taxi back, so unexpectedly the Marina decide to close the gate and not allow cars onto the site..too much we load 350KG of gear onto carts and start pulling them 300 mtrs to the boat in the rain and mud..Jane then slips over on the concrete and hurt her toes, arm and leg.I stuff my back lifting it all up and all the gear gets we have to junk it all inside the boat, which is all shut up hot and sticky, and no doubt the odd cockroach in the cartons getting a free ride onboard!! with Mozzie coils burning we then we find water has wicked down a rope through the aft hatch we have holding some electricle gear in the air to help cool it , so all in we, had a great saturday night sweating inside eating a tin of corned beef….then of course the toilets are 140 mtrs away in the rain!!…ah the boating life hey!!!..

Today, Monday, we cannot move the boat to paint as it is still raining and just advised the gear from China will not arrive till the 22nd May, “ouch!” Anyway pleanty happening in Tonga. Mark is calling into Fiji tomorrow, so we can have a a quick meeting, on his way from America to Tonga. He and Joshua will then start up final “official” business with the Government. We are now at the front door!!

Jane is head down sorting the mess!!