Frustrations of wreck hunting!

Saturday 12th…woke to find the Dive boat that broke its mooring in the storm was missing again?? It had not sunk?? we set off on a search in our dingy..we found it about 30 minutes latter a few miles out to sea. When they set the new mooring the chain was too short and it picked it up on the high tide during the night and took off!!

Sunday 13th we were up early to head for Ha’anao. Greg had some “issues” dropping our stern lines and while sorting that ourt Uwey hit his head on the Outboard Propellor on Big Red now in Davits. It was a nasty small cut. I decided it would be best to stay and take him to the hospital for a check. He had one stitch and the staff doctor did a great job. For Uwey it is a disaster as he cannot go in the water till Friday at the earliest!

Monday 14th 25kt E/SE wind.. 0630Hrs start to head over the 8 miles to pick up our guide in Ha’Anao. We dropped the stern lines OK, but had trouble picking up our anchor and that bloody “get away” dive boat was now moored in the it put a nice scratch on our hull as a going away present! Anchored in “butterfly bay” Got the guide then took off for an exciting 90 minute Big Red ride into 2.5 mtr seas and a strong wind..Greg dropped into an interesting site though. We were surfing at 20 kts coming home and as we had accidentally lost some air in one forward compartment in the rough conditions we “folded” the boat , stopping dead at the bottom of a few troughs!!…very exciting!!..we will be here a few days…

Tuesday 15th SE 15/25 SE…Sitting around sorting out some interesting “stuff” and waiting again..when you are dealing with wrecks and people there are always plenty of twists and turns..enough to write a novel!! Greg went for a fun dive while Uwey looked on !! WE ran the big BLUE BASE desalinator we now have onboard ( sitting on the side deck)and filled up all tanks including the 300 litre one from Blue Base now on the fly-bridge…Problems with the anchor winch are not fun!

Wednesday 16th..SE 20…more intrigue…back to Pangi for internet and planning. Plenty of things up in the air at the moment…but also looking better than they did yesterday!!..Chapter two! Uwey gets his stitch out tomorrow!!