Gear onboard, departure set!

All the gear arrived and it has been a crazy few days, The final equipment purchases here in Fiji for desalinators, generators, etc etc is just about complete…some gear was damaged in transit, including our engine start batteries, which was a blow and three of our new Medical Oxygen bottles cannot be filled by BOC gas, as they insist we buy theirs??..we have two full onboard already, so we are hopefull of a fill in Tonga. Still pleanty to do, but there is a weather window opening on Monday, so we are set to sail then for Tonga at last. The fridge freezer onboard just died!! and may need parts from USA …always something. The new RIBS look good, ICE is lower in the water and there is less room inside now, but all I can say is ICE is a BIG sucked up the cargo no problems…

The crew are still learning the Do’s and Don’t’s around the boat and have just a few days to get their heads around nav lights, knots and navigation!!..interesting times ahead!!