Hmmm?? our crew!! and Computers??

Well we have decided that the two boys are the “night shift”. On any normal day they usually are up an about by midday but if they are headed out the next night they ‘Must have” their afternoon nap in preparation or maybe it is still a catch up from the night before…so there is a routine developing??

So the last week has been a nightmare…my Hard drive collapsed and looked a write off…So I bought a new computer but it had windows 8 on it and not compatible with heaps of stuff, so had to remove it and replace with windows 9..then that computer spat it…not good,so returned for a new one..then the back up I had failed…so we lost EVERYTHING from 5 years…Disaster!! Jane started trying to recover single files one at a time from that back up…two days later we had some stuff off the Backup…the original hard drive from my Toshiba computer was sent to another company for forensic investigation and on Saturday, we got the word they recovered the data!! Wowow!!..will pick it up today and have all fingers crossed??..