ICE aground and a new Tender…!!

We sold our Black Zodiac for $1000!!..happy about that so no more opening seams!! And just as we were looking for a new one as you will see we had the best looking tender behind ICE you could ever wish for!!!….Last week on a very windy day a chap came to ICE and asked if we could tow his island of the beach?? we checked it out and yes he had a floating island..a pontoon just built to be placed out at “Cloud Break” one of the top ten surf spots in the world..but way this was to be a new bar to relax on!!..I decided to help on the dawn tide…all went well except ICE touched bottom and was stuck for 6 minutes till we set lines to another boat to pull us around so I could slip into deep water….anyway on Saturday he came back and pleaded with us to tow him 18 miles out to the reef mooring at the world surf Competition was about to start..the weather was bad so we said NO, not today but took it out yesterday…when sea and sky were very BLUE..Made us all want to get to Tonga ASAP…our gear is now in Lautoka and we are doing the clearing paper work now so fingers crossed it will get to the boat in Days???