ICE in the water, Mag and crew here!

WOW!..over two weeks and no Blog!…but it is all happening now, so will post twice a week now till we leave..things are happening!!

Had to head back to Adelaide for my Mums funeral last week.”Brownie” arrived a couple of days before..What a bloody nightmare!!!..he is a dinky die Aussie!! Way laid back, so Jane and I recon things are looking OK!! He is already into all the little jobs I have neglected for a while!! ICE was out of the water for his first couple of nights but we are afloat at last. The Chinese shipment arrived and loaded OK followed quickly by all the gear from Australia, including the Mag.

We seem to have an oversupply of Anchors at the moment which is quite funny! * big ones on ICE now…but if things go the way I expect this year all will be used! Unfortunately the Flybridge is loaded again, and we are looking like a cargo ship again, so may be another “rolly” trip to Tonga??..not as bad as last year though. YauMing has been delayed in Singapore and will now arrive on the 20th. We have one last shipment of critical spares leaving America this week for Fiji, including the guts of our fridge that has not been operational for a year now!! that will be cool!!

“IKI” is finally about to be pushed sideways, into a container and we are holding our breath!!…we have a company in Florida pulling the pilot house off, packing all the glass and door etc, rolling it sideways, putting it on a special cradle and then sliding it in a 9ft high x 40ft is going to be very tight!!…if it works/fits we will then slip it out and rebuild it in Tonga….”IF” this works we can ship direct to Tonga in just 24 sea days!!…and a few weeks of shuffling time…and save $10,000 on the shipping costs compared to RO-Ro shipping via New Zealand..which would take over two months!! hold your breath for us hey!!

We flashed the Barbie up for Dinner the other night, always a good sign that things are getting sorted, but with everything that is happening, there has been more time on computers that working on ICE…still plenty to do. Joshua has been briefing the involved community groups we work with in Tonga. We are hoping that the locals in Pangi and surrounding areas, hit so hard by the cyclone, are recovering.


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  1. john

    5 months on board and we never used the barbie. You guys are there a week and fire it right up!! We’ll see if you get any presents this summer…

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