I Just had to post this email from John ( our extraordinary chef last year!) to a new crew member about to sign on …it made me laugh…actually I am only 28, my hearing is great & I can chase anyone plus love food J!! on!!…Don

From: john Torsch
Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2014 7:42 AM
To: Don McIntyre
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Hi Yau!

Happy to see you’ve chosen to be a part of the Blue Treasure Expedition. I’m John and was part of the crew on board ICE last year for 5 months. Starting in Fiji in early May, I met Don, Jane and Greg, got the ship ready and we made the passage to Tonga in June.

What to expect and things to know:
You will have ALOT OF FUN!. You will be tired. You will learn new skills and test the ones you have. You will be bored at times. You will be bit by mosquitoes. You will dive some of the most beautiful sites in the world and possibly some that have never been dove before. You will swim with humpback whales and see dolphins regularly. You will explore outer islands that most people will never get to see. You will spend hours, some times DAYS waiting. Waiting on weather, waiting on parts, fuel or locals. You will live on a picture perfect South Pacific Island. You will be primitive camping but with every possible tool or comfort you could ask for on a camping trip.

You will sail an amazing yacht through some of the beautiful waters you can imagine. You will be searching for (hoping finding) ship wrecks, artifacts, etc. You will learn about Marine Archeology, seamanship, survival, and the history of Tonga. You will become a more independent person. You will experience a country and culture rarely visited. You will have a great team of people to work with, possibly form life time bonds and partake in an adventure that will stay in your memories for the rest of your life. The diving is great and all the gear is top notch. Locals in Tonga are incredibly friendly and hospitable, just don’t lend them anything. LOL They have me wanting to return one day, maybe even this summer for a 2 week visit. Don is very good at selecting crew that will work well together so everyone gets along well, usually…

Things to know about good ol Captain Don:
First, please remember that Don is getting old so he doesn’t hear so well or move as quick as he used to. Also there is alot going on such as planning, logistics, crazy dreams, etc. inside his head at any given time. So, many times you will have to remind him of things and sometimes even remind him of where he is and what he is doing. It can be quite funny. Don has no sense of taste or smell so the food you will eat on board ICE will be very bland, learn to LOVE beans! But that’s ok just bring your own hot sauce. Food on the island is cooked by the team so it’s usually pretty good. All that said, Don is an excellent Captain, the best I’ve ever met. His spirit will rub off on you and leave a lasting impression. He doesn’t tell or yell, he teaches and encourages you to think and problem solve for yourself. He knows how to sail and tie knots so be sure and listen and I promise you will learn. When he starts to drift off into one of his stories, just remind of where he is and what he is doing, all be fine again.

Jane, who is Don’s first mate, is always a Joy to be around. She knows where everything is all the time and keeps Don in check. She’s funny with a great sense of humor and also a great cook. If Jane is cooking, you will never be disappointed.

What to bring:

Don is great at providing everything you could ever need. Bring what he suggests and you will be fine. Serviced or new reg and back up computer are good to have. Love your mask, you’ll be using it alot. I never used my 3mm suit, only thin Lyrca shark skins or just shorts. Depends how cold you get, I have extra insulation. Shower gel works best and can be bought in Tonga. You’ll be living on an island, light cargo shorts, basketball shorts, bathing suits and thin island style shirts are best. I never wore pants while in the South Pacific. My KEEN Sandals are the best things I brought with me. Buy a good pair of Keen, Teva or Choco Sandals, (reef shoes) they’re indispensable. Extra batteries of everything you have, a few 32gb SD cards, GOOD headphones and backups. Headlamp with xtra batteries. GO PROs are great for what we are doing so bring yours or buy one. I had my MAC with me which was the 2nd best thing I brought. Bulk up on movies, buy a 1TB from Amazon if you dont have one. You will have lots of photos and vids and plenty of time to edit them. I don’t use bug spray or sun block but if the mozzies love you it can be found in Tonga. If you need good sunblock and are checking bags, bring it from home. Bring backup cash and find a low fee ATM card, VISA is best. The only thing I wish I had out there was a Kindle full of books, although Don does have interesting collection on ICE.

That’s about it. Again, congrats on the decision to become of part the expedition. Have a great time and always remember, ITS ALL PART OF THE FUN!!!


John Torsch