In Pangi.Pictures soon!

Sunday, was a slow day. It was Jian’s last day, so she and Greg swam across to the next island for some solitude, returning around 8pm. Huey went for a big walk and then it was a steak dinner, the first for uwey in three months!! Jane and I set up the Blue Base desalinator on ICE, but our normal power outlets would not run it, so we have to re- wire it into our dive compressor outlet. We are going to need a lot of water on ICE for the next few weeks. Woodie and Harry have moved off the boat now and we miss them, but understand their situation and love of nature like us all. It was their choice. Monday it poured with rain, so it was time for emails and staying under cover. We are waiting for our new guide for the next two weeks to arrive from Nuku Alofa. He may be here on Wednesday. I have a list of jobs for ICE that I am slowly working through. Jian flew out today as planned after having extended her stay a few weeks. She did not want to go I can tell you..we will miss her too. It was a great team this season and who knows, we may see her again! For now, the anticipation is growing on what we can expect over the next couple of weeks!! Tuesday. The sun is out and things are looking OK!!!