Internet again!!! AGGH!

It is really slow..every time I try to get pics up it is impossible…sometimes wait for an hour just to upload emails…anyway back in town for a couple of days…Jane will be posting about 50 photos soon on the Gallery section of this site…check it out next week hopefully??..Amit is trying to survive with nothing on a deserted island at the moment…hope he is still alive when we pick him up next week..Kylie is doing the same thing in “Luxuary” on another island, as a weight loss program and in her own words, was nearly “eaten” by two large Tiger Sharks the other day…we did not find the lost cannon on EUA..Jane and I are now having more meetings in Town..while the Royal wedding takes place here and celebrations all week…so check back for all the details ..when the internet gets better!!

It is COLD! windy and raining!!…but all OK!!