Kylie happy and so are we!

Kylie went for her first swim today in she is very happy…she should be fully recovered and setting of on a new adventure in about three weeks. We all miss her but plans are already underway to get together again next year.

They had regatta week here with about 27 boats racing for fun and having outrageous parties…we could not sail but we joined in all the rest…Vavau put on a good show.!! So the weather has turned now, no more trade winds, plenty of thunder, lightning and rain rain rain!! The whales are starting to head south now as they want to meet me down in Antarctica in a few months..what happened to this year?? Amit fell off Marks resort whale swim boat the other day at speed, but he had some great swims, he is still swimming around the island and out over the deep blue!! Not me!! And quite a few boat are thinking about heading to new Zealand now for the Cyclone season. We will head for Fiji soon!

We have Emily Watson ( jessicas sister) arriving in a few minutes with her boyfriend for about 10 days of fun!! we are off…No wrecks or treasure…still waiting for some situations to fall in place…but time is on our side!!

She just arrived!!…gotta go!!


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  1. Mark Watland

    Great news that Kylie is doing so well. It sounds like she has a spirit that just won’t quit. And best wishes to Emily. I’m sure her time there will be unforgetable. It was so nice of Emily and her mum, Julie, and Jessica to join our group of Jessaholics at a luncheon in Mooloolaba in May. They made it a very special day for all of us who travelled from overseas and from around Australia and New Zealand for a day of appreciation for the worldwide friendships that formed while following Jessica’s around the world voyage. And all of us who supported Jess owe you so much thanks, Don, for all that you did for her…..from Seattle, WA, USA……Mark Watland (SaltyDog)

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