Kylie is still smiling…!!

Kim has spent the last two nights sleeping on the floor beside Kylie and assisting with nursing. There is always a constant flow of people when she is not asleep and kylie is making the best of it. The nursing staff and doctors are doing all they can and fortunately she is still in the intensive care room which she has to herself. I was there for the change of dressings today and one of the two wounds is good but the second has to be left unstitched as there is skin missing and that will take some time to heal, as long as four weeks or more. This may mean many more weeks in Hospital so the medical insurance team is now looking at the logistics for a Medivac to Australia.

The hospital is big and open on the top of a hill with breezes. All the bedding is off “ICE” and we bring all meals and drinks to the patient, which is the way in Tonga. Jane is on the next 24 hr roster to sleep on the floor and assist during the night. A local family turned up today with food for Kylie..the locals are so cool!. unfortunately she is on liquids only..but they said no problem..they will bring soup tomorrow!