Latest from Nomuka

Saturday 19th..25-30Kt SE.Hiding from the wind fishing off back..sharks again..tried a shark dive..There is a tropical depression moving down under Fiji…it is one stage down from a cyclone..early??Sunday 20th SE 20-30kts Hiding from the wind!..Greg and Uwey snorkeling on other side of IKI..Monday 21st..SE 20kts-25..took Big Red ashore and cleaned slime off then deflated and packed. Sorted all gear on ICE for offload. Meta came across in a local boat and we loaded everything..then across to Nomuka, hired a local truck again and moved to the store…BIG not good..Nuku Alofa Ferry delayed..Greg and Uwey will leave on it back to Nuku Alofa maybe Thursday?…Jane and I will head back to Pangi and then wait for weather to Fiji Tuesday 22nd..SE20kts-25..Big food day..over to Nomuka with Meta and his family..killed a pig and had a fantastic roast lunch/feast and relaxed talking about Tongan life and Next season back at Blue night!

Wednesday 23rd..SE 20/25Kts .Joshua arrived 1am this morning on ferry..Greg dived on ICE to clean the hull and Prop. Presented the MEDI-VAC safety Package to Meta and gave all the operational instructions…all happy about that and then at 1900hrs in the local community center gave a power-point presentation about Blue Base/Blue Team activities for the season including pictures and videos..they were very interested in the videos of the shallow wreck site, the anchors we found etc, whales, sharks, fish and the site showing all the survey work and an explanation of our techniques. That officially completed our activities here…THANKS to all our BLUE TREASURE Expedition Team Members. You were all such a fun lot…an exotic international mix of enthusiastic, real characters. The experience may not have been what some of us expected, but adventures are like that and in so many ways it was much more!!. Thanks for all your hard work!! THE FAST DIVE BOAT?? Mark today has officially cancelled the order for that…there were some “issues” getting it built, having paid 75% of the cost to the builder five months ago and still no start date for building..he is now looking at other options for next season. The replacement will be used for the Magnetometer work in Eua starting May next year.

Thursday has been blowing for weeks now!..Dropped Uwey and Greg ashore on Nomuka at 0730 with all their gear after “fond farewells”!! they are spending the day horse riding on the island..and working in the food gardens with Meta. The ferry will arrive around Midnight to take them to Nuku ‘Alofa. Jane and I headed back to Pangi to prepare for departure to Fiji…looks like a good weather window for the four day trip on the weekend. ICE-cream for dinner!!