Some items are getting crossed off that list, all busy but we keep doing jobs that are not on the list?..just fried the 12V batteries for some reason? chipping rust and painting today, sorting lockers..serviced the spear guns, Amit dropped a spear head in the water, but dived for it, Kylie and Jane were cleaning windows at dusk and got hit by MIDGIES!! so have been itching for the past two days..complaining!!.going NUTS!!, food is good, but no one likes custard but me!! Hmmmm!! Kylie had a morning session out at CLOUDBREAK one of the top 10 surf breaks in the she is stoked!, Zodiac getting rebuilt, finished medicle for Tonga buisness visa, looking at building the underwater dredge here in Fiji, Amit is learning about EVERYTHING! as all is new, outboards, english terms, etc. he runs every night, taste tested local honey yesterday before buying tomorrow..about to run out of good water…the floods have made the marina water undrinkable and tanks now about may have to start boiling water..we do not run desalinator in Marina. Still waiting for parts from AUST and USA???…afternoon rains stopping now so weather getting better slowly….see ya!…Don