Mag on its way!

Jane flew straight back to China and I have spent the last few days in Australia sorting more gear to ship to Fiji including the Magnetometer…It is in a large Blue Box and a big Black Pelican case with the 150mtr cable and accessories… also sending another big anchor and ropes, safety gear, including a 6 man liferaft for “IKI”, plus a Chart Plotter and small Down imaging, scanning sonar to install….I will head to China this weekend for some last minute preparations. Jane is already there now and has loaded -dispatched all our shipment from there , which included another two Inflatables and extra tents etc. I hope it all arrives in Fiji On time…

“IKI” has not been loaded in America yet, as we are still waiting for some mechanical upgrades to be completed etc…so?? HMMM…looks like we are chasing the clock again…this season will be mostly spent exploring with the Mag and attempting to locate new wrecks, so the anticipation is building..we have been given some information/clues from the locals, but it is never quite spot on..but that is pretty much the norm. If it was easy everyone would be doing it!!

We will also have to do extra modifications to “IKI” when it arrives in Tonga, including the installation of an auxiliary motor and plenty of trials with the Mag to get it tuned and us experienced with it’s is state of the art equipment and I only like computers when they are working!!

Pic..I am sitting on the Mag in the van ready to send to the shipper!!

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