More of the same!!!

Time always moves fast when things are happening, or when they are not, because it has been awhile since the last update and I thought it was just a week???…right now it is a bit of both, fast and slow. All the crew are enjoying the sights, sounds, flavours and culture of Tonga, ICE, Big Mummas!! Pangimoto and computers. Between us, we have 30 electronic devices on board, cameras, phones, etc that all need charging and that takes about 15amps@ 24V for those that understand electrics. WE have been surviving on rain water and the desalinator water and I must say while everyone is hungry for electricity, the crew are really good at saving water.

We have eaten out a bit, but Jane is still master of the galley before, during and after meals, unless it is Pizza night when Brownie kicks in. Weather has been average with plenty of wind and overcast, so there have been a few ‘indoor” days and if all the stars align and all the right buttons have been pushed, then we sometimes manage to get the Movies rolling on the big screen. Life is not all that bad, but we would rather be out diving!!

Setting up the Mag has thrown up a few technical challenges that Annetta is taking on and we are still following a few Govt. paperwork issues as well. Brownies new favourite past time is sitting in the dingy 50 mtrs astern while we are at anchor setting up or should I say “trying” to set up the Mag!!

The big decider for now though in terms of what we can and cannot do is sorting out IKI. Loading on a ship is imminent..but I have been told that for some time now!!!…and I do not want to head to Nomuka to start the surveys till we know that is settled and on it’s way to Tonga. We lose internet once in Nomuka, so it is not an option for now. We are based in Nuku Alofa probably for all this week and then hopefully we will be away. We have plenty to talk about with Marine Magnetics in Canada too.

So our “hand” of a few hundred green bananas strung from the Targa are all going yellow before our eyes and the weather is going to turn a bit strange this week…so all is good in Tonga.