Hmmmm! the crew have turned into “nana nappers” taking regular afternoon naps!..still waiting to get out of here, delays with batteries ?.but there are things to do?..sails went up today( teaching Amit english terms!), zodiac inflated and holding! far!! touch wood, Kylie was attacked by a killer catapillar, Jane has been savaged by Mosquitos and I am still on the computer…Kylie and Amit went on a two day party over the weekend for a break. He slept on a resort massage table and returned starving hungry..she slept in the car and arriving home just wanted sleep!! but both smiling. I am still chasing “stuff”, fixing and servicing..hope to go out for a few days “soon”, then return to pick up last bits then off to Tonga. Sorting cameras right now and emails!

Trip into town on the open sided bus starts at 10.30 waiting for the scheduled bus that arrives at 11.15 then 45 minutes to Lutoka..three hour panick finding paying and getting bits..then markest for veg, bread, and stuff..arms full, back in to bus at 1510(I filled three seats!) for the ride home arriving at 1630, as we pick up all the school kids…all fun!..$6 dollars return for two, instead of $30 for taxi! The locals and colour are quite amazing..big smiles and all seem happy with their lot..Fiji is pretty cool! just ran a profile on us..and 13 new crew applied overnight!..wowow

Opps..someone is waking up!!!..gotta go!..Don