New Crew…Kylie Maguire

My life began in the coastal village of Lennox Head in Northern N.S.W. and it was here that my connection with the ocean was born. At the ripe age of 20 I felt the need to experience something different and moved to Melbourne with my best friend for 4 !/2 years of fun and city life. I then packed up my belongings, quit my numerous hospitality jobs and said goodbye.

I left Melbourne with an advanced diploma of photography and a universal wonder lust. The next 5 years my backpack became my home as I explored various countries around the world. I also worked on yachts which allowed me to explore, gain skills and fund my travels.

Towards the end of this time I decided to place all the amazing memories and adventures in the corner of my heart and move back to Australia to do what I thought I ‘should’ be doing at my age.

Being home has been really special, but in this time I have also realised there is still so much more I want to see and do.

Home has given me the ‘rest’ I needed to listen closely to my heart and my heart points to everything that is about to be undertaken this year.

My love for the ocean has taken a new turn this past year, with surfing and free-diving my favourite activities at the moment. For ever I have wanted to sail across the pacific, maybe I still will but I can happily replace that dream with this dream of Tonga. I’m very excited to get to understand a new country and culture and be apart of this project. Meeting new interesting people is something I value and enjoy, not to mention the amazing depth of the underworld waiting to be explored.

I’m excited! ~ A few of my other interests (some past, some present, some future) are…

*Marine Conservation *Travel *Camping *Health and Lifestyle *Yoga *Surfing *Sailing *Scuba/free-diving *Photography and the Arts *Karate *Capoeira *African Dance

…oh and I almost forgot… *Treasure Hunting! 🙂

Kylie Maguire