New Website, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube….

Welcome to our new Look Web site and Blog. Annette has done a great job.

Here in Tonga, just sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes it all goes wrong and well..over the last few months we have had it all! Paper work issues, business issues and the ongoing delays with shipping “IKI” from Florida in the USA. Basically it stretched out three months, so instead of arriving early June, she will finally arrive on September the 10th! But we are all incredibly excited about that. There will be a few weeks of commissioning, but then we have the ultimate tool for our Magnetometer operations! Problem is we have no mag!!..Yes the DHL 3 working day delivery to Canada was a JOKE!!! DHL completely stuffed up the other end and unbelievable it is only being delivered to Marine Magnetics today, four weeks later!!! “NOT Happy”!!..we just had to sit tight and grit teeth. No more said.

Brownie, Annette and Yau are still smiling fortunately and understand when I say “it is all part of the fun”!!…so for the past four weeks, Annetta has been going flat out working every day on our new “Voyage of Imagination” project, just announced on , and then set up our McIntyreAdventure Facebook Page, Instagram account toooo!! She is such a social media expert. Now Jane is trying to come to terms on how to drive it all!! Brownie has been studying marine subjects, polishing ICE and fixing things. The slime under the Dingy got to about 20CM. Yau has been spending time on EUA and just headed up to Pangi in Ha’ Apai for 10 days of whale swimming! Looking forward to seeing his Pics.

We have set up with a local company “TT Engineering” to help commission ‘IKI” when she arrives and the customs paperwork is underway. Surprisingly the weather still has not been the best, but when we are stuck waiting for “stuff”, that is not a bad thing.

So nothing glamorous happening for now..but stay tuned!

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