No Money, no fuel and a blocked dunny!

2nd Sept. Well it was an awesome day till we got to Pangi..set off at 0700 as the sun was clearing the horizon, Blue sky and sea quite mild..10-15kt…John hooked a beautiful Dorado fish and as we were resetting the lure, another hit before the drag was set, causing the reel to run and make a huge tangle,and JAM UP!! so we could not bring in the catch …we took the load off to untangle it… and then woop..all tied up in the wind generator blades!! Bummer.. and line now cut, so we got John in gloves and he pulled in a bigger dolphin fish by hand!! YUM!! One of the best eating fish in the sea….fresh fish for lunch!!..Alex was captain for the day so got us safely here…In the harbor Ewuy ( huey) and Greg got the stern lines ashore and then bolted to the service station to see if they had fuel..only 80 ltrs..ran the 100 meters back to the boat for the time they got back we only got the last 40 ltrs…we wanted 200 ltrs!!!..then off to the bank to get money..the Westpac bank branch SHUT FOR EVER!! only one development bank here and they do no other things but money in and out of their accounts!! only Western Union money transfers will get us $$ now…but the best news for today is the last time we used the toilet onboard it blew a valve and created a fountain!! Not good!! I went in after to confirm and it got me in the face!! I broke the news to John and Greg that they have to fit a new service kit…after a little dummy spit they said OK!! will be a fun job for the boys!!…Now in Mariners café” in dumping emails …very slow again and will try for pictures tomorrow…

The drama is that the government ferry is not back from its Wallis and Fatuna voyage till end of this week and the only other ferry is still grounded here in Pangi with survey inspection issues, so the Govt. will not let it sail…Nomuka and Pangi are effectively isolated till next week. Anyway we are organizing for Mark in Vavau to get us a few 200 ltr drums of petrol onto the ferry and hopefully we will get that delivered in the next week to we have just enough to get by!!…but we still need money and a dunny!!…Life hey!!