Nomuka where?

Another common statement I make to many potential crew!

You MUST get onto Google Earth ….search NOMUKA TONGA…then zoom down…you will see that is the main island with the small town…about 1 mile to the south is Nomuka is surrounded by reefs and really a little bit of paradise…quite unbelievable…the Blue Base will be in a clearing on the North Coast a little to the west…you can clearly see it…the sand is beautiful white…the water warm and crystal clear blue and there are reefs everywhere…!!!…if there was an eco resort there you would pay about $400 a night!!…you can walk off the beach for great snorkeling and Photography…whales regularly cruise between the islands J!!!

And if you want to read all about Nomuka and Tongan culture from a few years ago check this link out sent by the “mud monster!”