If you are just interested in fun, skip this blog..the pics follow!

Over the past six months, there have been many things that I have NOT been able to disclose here. There are still "issues" I cannot talk about, but others I now can. Some people have suggested that we are crazy talking about the basics of what we hope to do and are doing here in Tonga. I disagree on the simple premise, that to be transparent on any major issues effecting Tonga or it’s people, especially if it includes the word "treasure", then by not hiding anything, you may stop corruption or improper practices.

Surprisingly, we have NOT dived on any wrecks this year! We could have very easily! Five wrecks have been located and we now have strong leads on more. We have had many meetings and discovered much about "Process" in Tonga. New relationships have been created and existing ones strengthened. We have been working hard to promote our "Cause" to the right people and gain trust. We have grown "concerned" about the fate of some publicized wrecks in Tonga. It has not been an easy road to travel, so it would be an understatement to say that the past two and a half years have been more than interesting!

Happily I can now say that for the first time, the path ahead seems clear indeed.

On 15th Oct.I flew to Nuku Alofa for a round of meetings, including with the Crown Prince of Tonga, His Royal Highness Tupouto’a Ulukalala. During that week, I was able to clarify many issues regarding our plans and seek answers from some Govt. Departments. We were also able to present information to the King of Tonga’s private secretary, as it appears the King has a very real interest in the heritage values of the wrecks of Tonga, not to mention their "National Treasure" status. Yesterday we received some really exciting news which gives me confidence that we will be spending more than just the next few years in Tonga!

There is a great amount of work yet to be done here for the people of Tonga. We have only just begun. There is untold Maritime History waiting to be exposed! Over the next few months, we will continue our efforts to finalise plans and permits. Then Tonga Blue Ltd can commence the task ahead. We are all very excited. The green light is set for May 2013 exactly three years after hearing about my first wreck in Tonga.

We will require a second dive team to be established for next season. It will operate independently from those on our support boat ICE. We will be working a few different locations simultaneously. I am now looking for two Divers to sign onto ICE, end of April through to NOV.2013. I then need a camp manager and four divers, signing on for 10 weeks, from July1st-15th Sept.2013. They will live at our tent base camp "Blue Base" on a deserted tropical island (yes with beautiful white sandy beaches, etc!) which is owned by the Crown Prince of Tonga. If the weather will not allow diving the wreck sites, you can surf, fish, hunt crayfish or explore. This will be a gand adventure, not just a diving holiday, so if you are interested, the details will be posted in the crew section in Dec this year.

You may be wondering about the wrecks?? We will release all the details to the International media and here on this web site, only after we have the details and photos for each individual wreck. Something tells me there may be a few interesting stories next year.

Kylie and Amit have been really supportive this year, THANKS!!!, accepting all the unique challenges we faced and making the most of all the changed plans…it was not the year that we expected in terms of activities, but we all had fun and made the most of it. Jane was a champion again! With these latest developments I have to say this year was a HUGE success!! we have achieved plenty!!

So if you have been following this saga on,thanks.We have only just finished chapter two!. Chapter three could be interesting and I have to tell you, that when the book comes out and you read the inside story, you may be surprised!

Fix up, Fuel up, Stock up and Fiji here we come!