Off at last

Well it has been an interesting few days …always last minute issues with any little voyage and we have had our fare share…the weather looks OK for the next four days across to Tonga…If you want to look go to www. and follow the links to the maps, sea state and pressure for our area of the world…it is quite interesting….

WE are over full of fuel…and somehow dumped 100 ltrs into the engine room bilge…5 hours later it was all loaded ashore in containers!!…what a mess but the crew were amazing and now we just need final stowing for sea. WE have been working on our fridge freezer for the past two weeks after bringing a whole new system from USA..but it is no cold drinks this season!!! Yau went to top of the mast again to change the wind instruments, Brownie did the same for our flag halyard and annet managed the winches so we did not drop anyone!!..Jane continues to do the cooking, sorting and paperwork…and spent 90 minutes crammed under the floor in the aft bilge sorting a freshwater leak!! EPIC!

As we went to hoist our inflatable it went down!! With a very annoying leak in the very end cone of the inflatable tube!! Hard to fix but we seem to have for now and to top all that we seem to have lost contact with ‘IKI” our little boat trying to get from USA to Tonga…not sure where it is for now??…all fun.

If all goes well we clear customs in a few hours and we are off…hoping to arrive Tonga sometime this weekend…so will report in probably on Monday when we get internet…we can only clear office hours, Monday to Friday…we have been in the water on the marina now for about seven weeks so the bottom has slime…will need to get that off. All the crew now know a little about navigation so we should find the place..I hope…they also can do engine watches, seem to know how to tie a bow line and are learning about saving power and water!!…all good

Annetta took a pic. of us all…LOL!! And made us all look younger!!!

See you in Tonga I hope….


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