Batteries finally arrived on Thrusday afternoon, so a rush to fit them and be away before dark, or wait till saturday as NEVER leave on Friday! last minute jobs to disconnect from 6 months tied to the Land, fill the water tanks..BUT..just as we did, the water was cut off?..can’t leave without it, as not commissioning the desalinator..we are just going out for a few days of sea trials..they are working on the main so no water on Marina..wait wait..water again..drop lines and run but we only have 90 minutes of light??..and>>we are VERY SLOW!!..6 months of growth..Marina rules do not allow hull cleaning in the water, so we are doing 1700rpm at 5.kts and using 3.5gall an hour and the pyro meter reading turbo temp is HIGH!! the prop is 1700 we should be doing 7kts at 2.2gal and low pyro…so getting dark..head to closest Island with reef shelf and 30 mtrs of water up to it..blowing 18kts…drop pick in the dark,beside the island…have dinner and then wind shifts, so we have a Bommie with 1 mtr of water over it two metres off the stb side…anchor up quick and drop again further along in 24mtr..with a bommie at 1.5mtr, only three mtrs off our stern but at 2200 hrs Amit goes for a snorkle..pretty nice…and yes the prop is COVERED!…Don