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Could not get these up a few weks ago!! so here they are late…..


The weather turned for the better at last and we were able to get out to EUAIsland to talk wrecks with the island committee and look for the “Cannon in the Harbor!”…it was an interesting time and we were able to gain more info about the past while there…the Harbor water was quite clear on the high tide of the second day, so Jane and I were out at first light to make a surface search using our bathyscope, but nothing obvious was found…the area it is was lost, is quite a jumble of harbor wall washed off in a cyclone back in the 70’s. We made four passes and had a good look during the day. Amit could not Dive because of his Flue and Kylie was so sick from a big week ashore, that she had not moved from her bunk for about 36 hours so missed the action too.

There had been various reports over the years of possible sightings of this lost cannon, but we are now starting to wonder?.anyway, we have some plans for latter, so will return to follow more leads around the island.


Amit has been busy over the past three months trying to find a solution to the “meaning of life” and make a plan for the future…he came down with a BAD flu and was feeling a little down, coughing up half his lungs, so I threw a challenge at him!..Back in Fiji he asked if he could camp for a week on an island by himself, with a bit of fishing gear, tent, food, water etc…I said sure if the situation was right…now seemed like a good idea…but he had to do it as a “castaway” under my terms..

We pushed him off the boat last Saturday..about 150 mtrs from a deserted island, he had one layer of clothes on with two tins of baked beans in his pocket, a multi tool, an old dingy cover, a hand spear, machete, 4 litres of water and some foggy swim glasses, a little bit of VB cord and some old knotted fishing line and three hooks…we will pick him up in a week…once he made it ashore I went in with the zodiac and told him it is amazing what gets washed up in islands…then threw a cigarette lighter way into the bushes and suggested he needed to find that!…it has been raining and really cold the last four days!!…and the Tongans seem to have caught all the fish around the area…so he may be hungry when we pick him up!!!

Mean while Kylie was really annoyed that Amit was having all the fun…so we sent her off to another island…with Million $$$ views, a five star tent, sleeping bag, heaps of food and a 2000 ltr water tank to shower in, books, Ipods, a couple of dogs to keep her company and a loo, that even Prince Charles once used many years back!!..she is in heaven and calls it her purification week..she has put on 6 KG since joining ICE..LOL!!..OPPS! yes the food is OK onboard…Jane and I returned to Nuku Alofa to service a few things and fill the boat with food for Amit…and to check out the Royal Wedding festivities that are happening all this week in the capital…the Crown Prince is getting married to the Princess..WOW!


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  1. Paul Hui

    Hi Don,
    I discovered your blog today while looking for something on Antarctica. Remember me, Dr. Paul on board the SHW nearly 10 years ago when we sailed back for your Gadget Hut? It was one of my most memorable voyage. But I have not returned to the sea since another Icebreaker trip in 2005. I did walked the 800 km Camino de Santiago in the North of Spain two years ago though.
    Yes, I am looking for a way out of my mundane life as a hospital doctor.

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