Our Aproach to Tonga Tourism.

Sent: Tuesday, 20 November 2012 5:05 AM
Subject: FW: National Treasure removed?


Dear Mr Tatafu Moeaki

I refer to the recent removal of an anchor in Ha’ apai, which may have belonged to the “Port au Prince”. Details are below.

The Honorable Lord Vaea has been kind enough to point out, that this issue may need to have been referred to the “Tonga Traditions Committee”, before any removal took place. Certainly the subject of the right, or wrong of removal, is for others to consider, but we have major concerns for the well being of the anchor and the way the removal was carried out.

With respect, could we please ask if the TVB did indeed approve the “removal”, and if so, were any conditions placed on the salvaging company to undertake due care and responsibility for it’s well being, during and after that recovery and to undertake any form of survey and data collection before its removal.

It was announced earlier this year by the TVB, that a new wreck, possibly that of the “Port au Prince” itself, was made in Ha’ apai. This is exciting news for the people of Tonga and Maritime Historians around the world. The activities surrounding the removal of the Ha’apai anchor is now raising many questions about the integrity of this new wreck, in regard to it’s survey, documentation and possible recovery of artifacts. Could the TVB offer any information about current or future planned activities in relation to this exciting new discovery?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

We remain sincerely yours

Don McIntyre & Mark Belvedere

Directors; Tonga Blue Ltd.