Well the shopping is all done..ICE is looking like a Vegie market…managed to buy another 20 ltrs petrol from a cruising yacht who wanted to help us..Thanks we cannot get fuel onto the ferry from Vavau as the whole place has no drums and the agent does not sell them, so we wait till next Monday and get some on the govt. ferry from Nuku Alofa…the slow internet has been fun, changed our last cash at Western Union, had Ice cream for dinner last night and probably tonight…Jane is still doing all the cooking on ICE and ALL the dishes…amazing…I fixed the dunny last night, lovely job!! so all happy about that..especially John and Greg!! Who just had to assist …..if all goes well it will be last fresh bread tomorrow morning and then Back to Base…Talking to the locals and the tourist operators trying to run businesses in Tonga they are all really worried. Transport both sea and air is in a and internet connections are unreliable… WestPac has pulled out of other regional islands too, so they are saying things are getting run down…hmmm??..I suppose normally you would not need any of that on an island, but we try to balance both worlds so we are causing the problems…plenty of food in the gardens and the locals always smile!!