Pangi internet battles!

Back in Mariners café to dump emails. John got away Friday morning on the Ferry. Bought a cooked meal package from the wharf where a little market is set up..he bought a huge plate with a BIG whole cooked crayfish, whole chicken and a slab of fish for about $10 Australian!! I spent all day shopping and on the internet…Woodie is helping a local guy out on a boat today, Saturday so we will now head back on Sunday…just went to buy bread, but only managed two loaves..opps!! have to buy more flour??…Stil NO BLOGS from any of the crew…my take on that is that they are simply having too much fun to be bothered so unless you hear otherwise assume that…I had hoped they all would have done at least one blog every week?? Harriet is just giving me a heap of her pictures so will try to get some up tonight and I have plenty of happy snaps too..last night there was tongan singing wafting across the water for hours with the full was really special!!..starting to get windy now…


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