Well We are in Vavau now on a mooring in front of Treasure Island not only the best island and coral we have seen in Tonga but the best I have seen anywhere in the world..this place is insane! it is owned by Mark. We are partners in TongaBlue Ltd. I am sitting in a grass hut looking out at whales swiming by , white sand blue water, fluffy white cloudes etc…we have had fires on the beach listening to Tongan s sing in beautiful harmony under the stars, been swiming with whales out of Marks outrigger boat, sailing and just enjoying the moment…now the problem is to find the time to dump all those picture of the last few months on this web site…that will be Jane’s Job, just she has only been seen out of the water when she is cooking us all food…we loose her at night now, she is getting so dark from the sun, but she says, “no problem” if she wants us to find her she will smile!

Kylie is cruising on the banana lounge under the palms, Amit and Steve are in the “thrones” on the end of a little peir built out over the blue, looking out to see and the islands all around. It has its’ own grass hut on the end!, where they sometimes spear 70kg Tuna from the dock! Of course there is the whale watching resident “ALERT” dog who hears the whale blows before we see them and starts barking. Mothers bring their calves to the beach so you can swim with them…this is not a story!.this happens…there are 8 grass huts ON THE BEACH with flushing toilets and showers, beautiful beds and atmosphere!…if you want to join us it is $400 Tongan for two per night…see you soon. Google TREASURE ISLAND Vavau….

Tomorrow we are planning a few dives locally and Steve is photographing a cave this afternoon…he has been very busy pushing that button and is all smiles but leaves on Monday!

Nice place this and yes we are still working!